Sketches for a level in an anonymous online multiplayer game

Sketchup sketches for an online multiplayer role-playing game. This graphic was not going to be used in the game, but rather to illustrate the game level layout. The sketches showed a small, ancient city set in a fantasy world. Continue reading “Sketches for a level in an anonymous online multiplayer game”

Testing out procedural city 3d-model generation

3D modeling of cities and maps are my old passion, a really inspiring subject. Seeing a nice city scene first hand, I’d like to sit down, model the same view in 3d and render stylishly.

I made the most recent sketches for city modeling 2016-2017. At that time, I sketched some generic city in Crete, Greece, and also the something in the style of the city center of Prague. The goal was not to replicate anything existing exactly but rather finding the templates and parameters for a partially automated model generation.
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Site development plan started

The site administration has decided to put some effort towards publishing valuable content. To that end, we’ve created drafts for possible articles, including preliminary plans for research & coding projects which might be required in order to produce those articles. A small group of reviewers will be given access to these plans, the plans are evaluated and the most promising projects are given a priority.

Site development project of July 2018 (password required)