Santtu Suihkonen

Portrait of Santtu Suihkonen
Photo by Markus Koistinen, Mark Benjamin Photography

Software Developer in Helsinki, Finland

About me

I’ve got 7+ years of professional software development experience and 17+ years of programming as a hobby, with a recent decision to pursue the software development career path full-time. As of 2022 July, my title at Kone Oyj is Lead Developer, where I work as a part of the Simulations Tool team, developing tools to simulate traffic in buildings.

I’m able to code extremely well-performing routines in various topics with my best language C++ with minimal reliance on external libraries. My favorite coding topics include those in Machine Learning, Numerical Optimization, Graphics Programming and  I/O and memory optimization, all topics where software performance may become one of the key design goals. I feel that responsive, real-time programs can be most appealing and effective and they can have a definite advantage compared to the competition.

I read documentations and specifications well and integrate to existing code and existing libraries when needed. I’m mostly familiar with Microsoft Libraries such as those handling I/O, UI, sound and graphics, with DirextX9 and 11. I’m have plenty of experience from the full software development cycle from start to finish.

I favor the Requirements Engineering discipline as well as the refactoring the code to keep it maintainable and to conform to good coding style, except in small code segments in performance-critical parts of the software.

Other languages I’ve worked with include PHP, Java, Javascript and many others. Apart from well-performing C++ code, I love to design software that meets the customer’s business needs. I like to find out what their business is about, how is software related to it and what kind of solutions I can design and implement to help them continue doing what they do best.

My other experience in the IT sector includes 4+ years in Technical Support, 1+ year Teaching IT, 2 year in System Administration and about 1 year in Management. Some of my technical work experience, especially that from technical support, comes from freelance work and contract work. These experiences have strengthen my resolve to make Software Development my primary career path and they support my intended role well.

The focus of my work has somewhat shifted during my employment at Kone. I work with Visual Studio 2017 and later, C++, and use various desktop and web technologies and tools to develop software within the agile framework.


The sole member of Developing Nation. Activities include mainly coding.

Developing Nation is now the label for a loose not-for-profit group which sometimes publishes digital work for fun, research and whatnot, but mostly we just develop for ourselves, with or without the label.

I’m personally interested of publishing some small example programs which highlight some research idea, or which might qualify as a small coding challenge. I’m gonna have to try how it’s going to work out.

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My career history is listed at management systems & other web resources are hosted at, accounts available for partners.

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Santtu Suihkonen @ Kone Keilasatama 5, 2021.

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