Sketches for a level in an anonymous online multiplayer game

Sketchup sketches for an online multiplayer role-playing game. This graphic was not going to be used in the game, but rather to illustrate the game level layout. The sketches showed a small, ancient city set in a fantasy world.

The RPG pre-dates the turn of the millennium by several years. The developers have been asked not to disclose their status as the game administrators, so the name of the game (which is still online) will stay confidential.

The game development efforts peaked in the early 2000’s and slowly diminished to a near stall after the release of the World of Warcraft massively multiplayer online roleplaying game.

Level script

The game level described an area of 40 to 60 rooms with several stages. The player team would enter the city and fight their way on the streets to one of the buildings. Fighting the city guards would eventually summon the City Protector, who is controlled by weak AI.

The AI present in the City Protector was supposed to surprise the players. Previously the NPC’s in the game did not implement any kind of AI, but just simple scripts where the NPC stood still and altered the spells they used.

Developers and supervisors of the game made themselves largely unavailable to junior developers, which eventually forced to put the project indefinitely on ice.


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